5,000 of 50,000,000

One of the first things Robin and I discussed after purchasing White Tree Farm was the reestablishment of woodlots on the property.  In one of the early discussions Robin had with our local conservation association, they pointed out that the Ontario government had committed to planting 50 million trees before 2025 and would provide low-cost trees and planting services.  In order to qualify for the program, potential landowners need

  • At least one hectare (2.5 acres) of suitable land.
  • Land that is open, or mostly open, and has not been defined as a woodland since December 31, 1989, per the Forestry Act.
  • To sign a 15-year management agreement to maintain any trees that have been planted.
  • To practice good forestry management habits.
  • To assume the additional costs associated with the ongoing maintenance of planted trees.

Robin and I jumped at the opportunity to take part , even though we barely had time to think about it.  We decided to plant a mixture of hard and soft woods in the southeast corner of the property. The team did the planting in early May, putting in 5000 trees over 4 acres.

When Robin and I were back in the area in September, we walked through the area and took the picture above.  It looks like the vast majority of the planted trees made it through the summer.  We will see what the next few years bring.