2018 in Gardening

2018 represented our first full year of gardening at White Tree Farm. Robin did most of the work on it, from planning to seeding to harvesting. All in all, it was a good first year.


As you probably could determine from the lead photograph, pumpkins and squash did very well this year. We gave a lot away and still had lots for soup and pie. All the varieties we planted did well.

Hot chili peppers did well.

Zucchinis matched our consumption and we were able to dry quite a bit for use over the winter.


Robin planted a lot of tomatoes and the results were mixed. The smaller varieties did well while the larger ones suffered a number of setbacks.

We planted too many cucumbers for the rate at which we eat or preserve them.

We should have planted more beans; the ones we harvested were good; we just eat more than we harvested.

Green peppers and watermelons did OK, but not great.