Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Radiant Heating / Domestic Hot Water

We decided to go with a radiant heating system for the house. This allowed us to use a single boiler for both the radiant heating and the domestic hot water services. Koolen Electric of Aylmer worked with Garrison Creek to design and install the system.

An IBC SL14-115 boiler firing propane is the main heat generator. It is a high efficiency boiler that feeds both the DHW tank and five radiant heater circuits.

An IBC SL14-115 Boiler sits at the heart of the heating system.

The five zones are laid out as follows:

  • Zone 1: Ground Floor Bedrooms (green)
  • Zone 2: Great Room (blue)
  • Zone 3: Second Floor Bedrooms (purple)
  • Zone 4: Offices and Mudroom (salmon)
  • Zone 5: Garage (orange)
Heating Zones for the Birches@WTF
Radiant Heating Zones for the Birches@WTF

Each zone is controlled by a simple Honeywell Home thermostat; for zones 1 and 4, the thermostat is located in the hallway; for zone 2, it sits in the northeast corner of the great room; and for zone 3, it sits in the study room (STR). We typically run all the thermostats at the same target temperature (20.0 or 20.5 degrees C).

Honeywell Home Thermostat

The overall efficiency of heating is improved by running the heat pump fans year-round. This significantly evens out the temperatures across the house.

Heat Pump/Air Conditioning

For air conditioning and lighter heating loads, we have two Mitsubishi Electric PVA-A36 heat pumps; one for the west side of the house and one for the east:

Mitsubishi Electric PVA-A36 Heat Pump

Both zones are controlled by a Mitsubishi thermostat located on the ground floor:

Energy Recovery Ventilation

To maintain the right humidity levels in the house, especially in the winter time, we have a van EE 200H energy recovery ventilator:

Updated: 2023-08-06