Getting Started on Our New Home

Things often seem to take longer than expected; house construction could easily be the poster child for this phenomena. It looked like things were going to get going in October, but here it is December and only now do we really feel things are moving.

Our major blocker was the need to have our septic plans completed before the house building permit would be issued. In hindsight, this makes a good deal of sense given the challenging soil makeup on which White Tree Farm is located. Test pits were dug (three of them!) and a full engineering design written up. This took a good part of November.

But the last week has been a flurry of activity. We met with the main systems designer from Garrison Creek and discussed heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing and computer systems. Garrison Creek’s project manager was out at the property with the surveyor and laid out the basic footprint for digging the house foundations  And today we picked up the approved building and sewage permits from the township.

Robin and I have put the extra time to good use. We’ve been focusing on the great room design and spent a weekend mocking up the new kitchen. This caused us to reconsider the design of the kitchen which created some nice benefits for the rest of the great room. We also had satellite Internet set up so we are now connected there as well.