Gorilla Garden Dump Cart Review

Owning a rugged and robust garden cart makes the chore of moving soil, compost or mulch around much easier. The Gorilla Carts Garden Dump Cart is such a cart.

Motivation for Purchase

One of the first pieces of equipment we needed for the farm was something to move soil, gravel, compost, etc around. We have a lot of work to do to establish the gardens at White Tree Farm and we needed something robust but also something that Robin could move around by herself.

Evaluation of Options

Traditionally we would have looked at a wheelbarrow for this service. But our visits to the local big box home improvement stores yielded another set of options: four-wheel garden carts. The advantage of a four-wheel cart is that it requires less brute strength to move it around when compared to a wheelbarrow.

There are a number of options from flat-deck models to wire-sided models. Because we would be initially moving topsoil, compost, mulch and other soil material, we decided on a dump model from Gorilla Carts. The particular model we purchased has a clever mechanism to let the front wheels drop when dumping which ensures the entire contents are dumped.

Unboxing and Setup

The cart arrived in a large cardboard box and required only a few minutes to set up. We found that it went together quickly and easily with a few simple hand tools.

The Cart In Use

We’ve used the cart a lot this summer and have found it to be up to everything we have thrown at it. It is easy to shovel/rake material into it and the dump mechanism works well during unloading.

We found that 1″x2″ lumber fits the side pockets on the cart perfectly. So we cut a couple of 1″x2″ into two-foot lengths to extend the capacity of the cart for moving light material like hay around.

We often also use the cart to transport tools (shovels, axes, etc) from our workshop to other areas across the farm. The plastic material used for the main bin cleans up well so we are not worried about dirtying our tools.


In summary, this is a great all-round garden cart.  It is robust and can carry a sizable amount material but is also easy to move around. We recommend it without hesitation.

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